Introduction to The Master Trainer Certification Program

As a seasoned trainer, the next big step is in becoming a master trainer. Master training requires certain key proficiencies that go beyond domain knowledge and training skills. Some of these competencies can be developed over time through hands on training experience or organisational and personal development experiences. However, we at Bodhih have nailed down what it takes to transition from being a trainer to a master trainer. Our five-day program covers well defined behaviours, training styles and thought processes coupled with industry secrets to help any experienced trainer transition into the role of a master trainer.

Who Can Attend

Experienced Coaches

Senior HR Professionals with training expertise

Senior Facilitators and Change Agents in organizations

Anybody who wants to make a transition from Trainer to Master Trainer

Subject Matter Experts who also play a Trainer role

Trainers and Coaches certified by some of the leading bodies in the world

Training Managers

Heads of organizations or functions with training experience

Bodhih Certified Trainers

Experienced Technical Trainers

Experienced Trainers

Anybody who wants to reach a level of Mastery in the training field

Workshop Outline

Session 1

Introduction and Workshop Opening

Introduction of Company and Facilitator

Participant Introduction

Workshop Expectations

Session 2

Uniqueness of The Master Trainer

Master Trainer Vs. Train The Trainer Certification

Using past experience and competencies to develop

What Master Trainers Do

Master of What?

Creating Your own Train The Trainer Program

Session 3

Master Training - Developing Domain Specific Train The Trainer Workshops

Training Need Analysis

Training Design and Customization

Content Development

Training Delivery

Monitoring Training Effectiveness

Translation into Train The Trainer

Observation and Feedback

Session 1

Instructional Design and Development

Models of Instructional Design

Applications of Different Models

Nuances of the Different Content Elements for a Train The Trainer

Best Practices for Effective Content Development

Self-Learning Modules

Reading, Explaining And Demonstrating Portions of Content

Session 2

Training Lessons From Steve Jobs






Session 3


The Power of Observation

Capturing Ideas

Nomenclature and Applications

Supporting Examples

Expanding Ideas

Translation to Training


Session 1

Recasting Topics

Inventing a New Wheel

Trivialize and Add Value

Changed Terminology

Reworked Explanation

New Applications

Session 2

From Mind to Muscle

Building Competence

Components of Competency Development

From Ideas to Action

From Book to Behaviour

Knowing What to Do

New Behaviour Generation

Session 3


Physical and Mental Engagement

Originality in Activities

Activity Applications

Simulation Vs. Reality

Activity Redesign

Visual Walkthroughs

Session 1

Training and Dramatics

Eliciting States

Voice Projection

Useful Theatre Techniques


Session 2


Ground rules of Facilitation

Content Free Approaches

Facilitation Applications

Special Techniques

Method Creation

Session 3

Master Trainer Hallmarks

Credibility and WIIFM

Walk The Talk


Planned Communication


Multiple Uses of Stories and Anecdotes

Parallel Interests

Session 1

Master Trainer Certification Assessment

Hands on Assessment

Q & A Session

Group Feedback

Session 2



Way Forward



Become An Expert

This program ensures that you are equipped with all the required skills and knowledge in order to become a training specialist. Our approach helps trainers fine tune and develop their proficiencies in order to help them cultivate the same competencies in those they train going forward.

Become An Expert


Gain Credibility

Bodhih has delivered programs to over 1000 clients and our Master Trainer Certification program is recognised globally. In addition, we have consulted with over six thousand clients within India enabling greater efficiency and enhanced training. Participants in this program demonstrate a high level of competence in the certified areas that clients instantly recognize.
Gain Credibility


Become an Elite Trainer

Give your career track a boost. Through this certification program you can advance your career opportunities and improve your market value. Enabling better career growth.
Become an Elite Trainer


Get Trained by The Best

All our trainers come with strong corporate backgrounds coupled with specific experience and exposure in certain niche areas of training. This Master Trainer Certification will specifically be facilitated by these expert trainers who also have a consulting background.
Get Trained by The Best


Stay Up to Date

We aim to introduce newer, more progressive training techniques through this course focusing on the growth of the training field and breaking down passé techniques that no longer hold relevance. Gain exposure to the latest innovations, ongoing research and development and creation of new and more effective tools and approaches.

Stay Up to Date


Research Centric Training

Founded on exhaustive research the master trainer certification program pays keen attention to data validation. Our material is thoroughly researched, validated and compiled by our pool of experts. While some of this content is a compilation from some of the best resources, a lot of it is the learning from our own experience and an outcome of our training and organizational development related R & D.

Research Centric Training


Focus on Fundamentals

At Bodhih we believe that in order to grow as a trainer it’s important that the foundation and fundamentals are strong. Therefore, irrespective of the stage of certification we focus on re-examining the fundamentals of training. This workshop not only ensures a clear understanding of all parts of the training cycle but also highlights practical applications of the related documents and frameworks in a holistic manner. The starting point of mastery in training is having a strong hold on the fundamentals and this workshop assures precisely that.

Focus on Fundamentals


Be Inspired by Global Icons

Through the course of the program we help participants identify, develop and internalise certain key traits that are representative amongst global leaders and personal development icons.
Be Inspired by Global Icons


Versatile Training

We incorporate techniques from various disciplines in order to make the program engaging. Having explored various disciplines like dramatics, art, writing and facilitation, we have picked up relevant elements from all these fields to enhance training effectiveness. This approach of utilizing techniques from multiple fields as well as the techniques themselves are imparted in a hands on and experiential fashion to all participants of the Master Trainer Certification workshop.

Versatile Training


Result Driven Solutions

Our program addresses the challenge of balancing competency development with imparting knowledge. In our five day Master Trainer Certification workshop participants are taught to balance out the two so that they can be training professionals who can provide solutions and results to problems and at the same time equip other trainers to do the same.

Result Driven Solutions

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Train The Trainer Certification
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Train The Trainer Certification
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Information provided on our website or shared by any of the Bodhih team members must not be misconstrued as a promise for a job offer by Bodhih.

Our trainer certification is not a placement opportunity, it is a certification program.

Attending any level of the trainer certification, ‘Training Foundations Workshop’, Train the Trainer Certification’ or the ‘Master Trainer Certification’ is not an assurance from Bodhih to get the participant any kind of permanent or temporary employment opportunity.

However, Bodhih has worked with over thousand clients and in our experience, our trainer certification is valid and recognized across industries and countries. Most of our certified trainers have been able to successfully launch themselves into a career in training and development without our help.

Our focus is on competency development and not on merely giving a certificate.