Vinesh Sukumaran, our principal consultant puts the ‘Train the Trainer’ program in perspective

Trainer Certification

Training Foundations Workshop

Whether you’re new to the training field or have some amount of exposure, this foundation program will help you understand the fundamentals of the training profession. This workshop covers the basics of training design and delivery and is ideally suited for those who are new to the field.

Train The Trainer Certification

This program is suitable for those with some amount of training experience, knowledge of training principles and content delivery techniques. Covering multiple key focus areas that include audience analysis, participant management and training charisma, participants enrolled in this program have the opportunity to take their careers as trainers one step further.

Master Trainer Certification

For trainers looking to advance their careers in the field, the master trainer certification program facilitates this growth. This program equips trainers with the know-how on training other trainers. Participants will learn how to stay abreast with the latest training techniques, develop result oriented training programs and understand the finer details of excelling as master trainers.

What You Can Expect

Aspiring and experienced trainers are given the opportunity to achieve training milestones in our programs through:

Specialist Trainers & Facilitators Lead Instruction

All our trainers come with strong corporate backgrounds coupled with specific experience and exposure in certain niche areas of training.

Accelerated Competency Development

Our sessions within each program are structured and planned to help improve and focus on your capabilities in order to develop your unique training style.

Real Time Learning Techniques

Our programs are designed to enrich your skills through the introduction of training techniques that cater to the needs of today and tomorrow.

Research Authenticated Content

All our program content is supported by substantial research. Our trainers and in house team compile content that is well researched and validated by our exclusive pool of experts.
Enrolled Participants
Train The Trainer Programs Conducted
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Program Objectives

Our programs aim to help you

Boost Creativity

Through simple techniques that will aid innovation and accelerate your thought process in delivering effective training programs.

Keep Your Learners Engaged

Develop the ability to identify stimulating ways to engage your learners and provide them with a ‘WOW’ experience.

Become an Effective Trainer

Through result-oriented and state-of-the-art learning techniques you will learn how to captivate the audience and create an impression that lasts.

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How real people said about this course.


Yash HC Dagli

Founder at JUSTT YOU
You can't really express the energy there. All I can say is, if you want to learn from the top guns, Bodhih is your destination. Amazing experience, tons of activities and practicalities. I couldn't have asked for more!

Zahra Suhair

Works at Emirates
I am very happy and impressed with the training programme.The experience was awesome and the programme is of international standards.Having done the foundation course with Bhodhih ...I am confident of delivering my trainings at work in a much professional manner. Thank you Team Bodhih.

Sarita Dagha

Director at Pragati Toy Club
Experience of getting trained under Bodhih was just Marvellous, you can say one of the feather on my hat in the learning journey. Trainer Vinesh was great. Thank you so much for the lovely teachings.


Information provided on our website or shared by any of the Bodhih team members must not be misconstrued as a promise for a job offer by Bodhih.
Our trainer certification is not a placement opportunity, it is a certification program.
Attending any level of the trainer certification, ‘Training Foundations Workshop’, ‘Train the Trainer Certification’ or the ‘Master Trainer Certification’ is not an assurance from Bodhih to get the participant any kind of permanent or temporary employment opportunity.
However, Bodhih has worked with over thousand clients and in our experience, our trainer certification is valid and recognized across industries and countries. Most of our certified trainers have been able to successfully launch themselves into a career in training and development without our help.
Our focus is on competency development and not on merely giving a certificate.