• Presentation Skills

    Have you ever wondered?
    • What makes some presenters more inspirational than others?
    • Can you also present like they do?
    • What sets them apart from others?

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  • Professionalism at Work

    Professionalism at Work
    Characteristics that undermine Professionalism
    Why Professionalism is Imperative for the Workplace
    Workplace Etiquette
    Cubicle Etiquette: 8 Close-Quarter Rules
    Casual Dress Etiquette
    Handshake Etiquette: Setting the…

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  • Recruitment and Selection

    Recruitment & the Organization
    The increased globalization of industry coupled with rapid technological developments has shaped how we recruit and select candidates today. As workforces have become more mobile…

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  • Selling Services

    Selling is successfully influencing the buying decision of the client.
    Practically every business activity can be viewed as a process. Sales are no different and a clearly…

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  • Strategic Decision Making

    Decisions and the Organization
    Decision taken in the organization can potentially impact at all levels – strategic, tactical and operational. Decisions are made on a continuous basis…

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  • Strategic Management and Measurement

    Strategic Management- Overview
    When implementing a strategy, there is a requirement to:
    – Define the expected outcome
    – Develop methodologies to gauge the effect of the implementation.
    – Communicate the expected outcomes…

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  • Strategy, Culture and Leadership

    What is Strategy?
    “Strategy is the determination of the basic, long-term goals and objectives of an enterprise, and the adoption of courses of action and the allocation of…

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  • Stress Management

    What is Stress About?
    An individual’s adaptive response stimuli that places excessive psychological or physical demands on that individual.
    Stress Management – Effects of Stress
    Stress causes changes in…

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