• Marketing

    What is Marketing?
    Marketing is a social and managerial process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating, offering, and exchanging products of value…

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  • Master Trainer Certification

    The Master Trainer Certification workshop is one of Bodhih’s more elite programs that has been used internally to move experienced trainers to a level of mastery over training as…

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  • Negotiation Skills

    Negotiation occurs when conflicts exists between groups and both parties are prepared to seek a resolution through bargaining.
    Conflict & Negotiation
    Conflict can be solved through negotiation when:

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  • Organisational Behavior

    Organisational Behavior
    It is the study and application of how employees behave within organisations.
    Why Study Organizational Behavior?
    • Chart the evolution of management thought on the nature of the…

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  • Organisational Culture

    Organisational Culture
    The set of values that helps the organisation’s employees understand the actions which are considered acceptable and which actions are considered unacceptable.
    Culture Versus Climate
    • Climate refers…

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  • Organisational Dynamics

    Organisational Dynamics
    Organisational Dynamics is the result of the interaction between various elements- both internal and external.
    Employees & Other Tangible Assets
    • People
    • Plant Equipment
    Formal Organizational Arrangements

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  • Organisational Structure

    What is an Organisation?
    It is a collection of interacting and interdependent individuals who work towards a common goal and whose relationships are determined according to a certain structure.

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  • Performance Appraisals

    Why Have Performance Appraisals?
    We’ve all heard the words performance appraisal across our organizations but why is that organizations seem to be so concerned with introducing these systems?…

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