• Interpersonal Skills

    In today’s business world organizations do not compete with their products.
    They compete through using their most valuable resource, their people, to maximum effect.
    At first glance this…

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  • Interviewing Skills

    What is an Interview?
    At its’ simplest it is a meeting during which an individual is asked provide and exchange information that will be used for a particular purpose…

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  • Job Analysis

    What is Job Analysis?
    ‘The process of examining a job in detail in order to identify its component tasks. The detail and approach may vary according to the purpose…

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  • Job Design

    What is Job Design?
    Job design refers to how organizations define and structure jobs
    Basic Assumption
    The way that jobs are organized has a direct affect on how motivated…

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  • Leadership

    What is Leadership?
    Leadership is not something you do to people it is something you do with people
    Blanchard, Zagarmi and Zagarmi (1994)
    Leadership is made up of…

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  • Leadership and Delegation

    What is Leadership?
    “Leadership may be considered as the process (act) of influencing the activities of an organized group in its efforts towards goal setting and goal achievement”

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  • Leadership and Influencing Skills

    What is Leadership?
    It is the process of influencing the activity of an organised group in its effort of goal setting and goal influence.
    Influence if the ability to…

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  • Live Virtual Classes – Train The Trainer Certification

    The Train The Trainer Certification workshop is Bodhih’s signature program to train and certify its pool of internal trainers. Bodhih has a pool of over 100 trainers and facilitators…

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