• Effective Meetings

    What’s a Meeting?
    A meeting is a gathering of people with one or more goals to be achieved. Meetings can be held in a variety of locations. They…

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  • Effective Teamwork

    Understanding Personality Dimensions
    A trait is a characteristic pattern of behavior or conscious motive which can be self‐assessed or assessed by peers. The term type is used to identify…

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  • Employee Absenteeism

    Understanding Absenteeism
    Absenteeism is an employee’s intentional or habitual absence from work. While employers expect workers to miss a certain number of workdays each year, excessive absences can equate…

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  • Employee Motivation

    What is Motivation?
    It is the set of forces that causes people to behave in a certain way.
    Benefits to the Organization
    • Increased performance
    • Increased focus on organizational objectives

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  • Facilitation Skills

    Effective facilitation skills can benefit the organization in a number of important ways.
    A notable example is the area of conflict resolution.
    Having a facilitation process which is…

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  • Finishing School

    Transition to Corporate Life
    Setting Expectations
    Challenges I faced during my life as a student and how did I handle them:

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  • Group Dynamics

    What is a Group?
    A group is two or more individuals each aware
    – of his or her membership in the group,
    – the others who belong to…

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  • Human Resource Management

    Basic Definition
    – ‘managing the employment relationship’
    (Tyson, 1987)
    Key Assumption
    – Employees are the most important asset of the organization
    Human Resource Planning
    • Human resource planning must be integrated within…

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