The Excellent Organisation


The Excellent Organisation
Peters & Waterman in ‘In Search of Excellence’ defined the ‘The Excellent Organization’ as having the following characteristics
For companies to achieve long-term success, they must create and maintain healthy environments in the workplace. Healthy organizations understand that it takes a collaborative effort to compete in their market segment and produce continuous profits. Healthy organizations have certain characteristics ingrained in their corporate culture. Recognizing and understanding the characteristics of healthy organizations can help you detect problems in your company if it is unprofitable and take corrective steps to operate a successful business.

Effective Sharing of Goals
A healthy organization shares its business goals with employees at every level of the organization. Management shares goals with employees and gets them on board with the mission and vision of the organization. Employees and managers understand what is required to reach these shared goals and make every effort to achieve them.

Another characteristic is teamwork. Healthy companies know how to develop teams that collaborate to achieve common goals. Employees and managers readily offer their assistance to each other to meet corporate objectives.


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