Interpersonal Skills



In today’s business world organizations do not compete with their products.
They compete through using their most valuable resource, their people, to maximum effect.

At first glance this may initially seem like a very broad statement. However, when we look a little closer at organizations around the world, it becomes more apparent that organizations don’t really work together but people do. This is why good interpersonal skills are a crucial business skill.

Organizational Context
The organizational context of how interpersonal skills are used is seen within the vast number of interpersonal interactions that can occur within all organizations. To illustrate, what are the chances of meetings or coaching sessions being successful within your organization when the main players have ineffective or less practiced interpersonal skills. More concretely – How many people would buy a product from a salesperson with poor interpersonal skills?

Seems quite obvious but it remains surprising how many organizations spend little or no time in developing these skills within their staff groups. It is as if organizations believe that these skills are only innately formed within certain lucky staff and that it is the job of the recruitment team to identify these skills during the staff selection process. This is simply not possible.


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