Be able to get a crystal clear view of your own strengths and weaknesses as a presenter
Understand the absolute essentials of any presentation including purpose,flow, tone and manner
Lift your own presentation abilities from its current level to a level that is several notches higher

Presentation Dynamics

Bodhih has conducted several Presentation Dynamics Workshops for some of the best corporate brands in the country and abroad.

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Bodhih’s Presentation Dynamics workshop is one of its most impactful workshops that are acknowledged by organizations and individuals alike. It has helped individuals in organizations not only improve their presentation skills but also improve their communication effectiveness in various kinds of presentation situations. People have become better sales presenters, more impactful representatives of their organizations, more effective team members and managers. Participants have also been able to present their ideas in a crystal clear fashion in several contexts like interviews, feedback sessions, meetings, brainstorming sessions, group discussions, training interventions, consulting interventions, conference calls, etc.


Presentation Dynamics is a 2 day training program which helps in systematically specializing participants to move from the basics & Essential Skills to some of the more Advanced Presentation Techniques.

Do you have something important to say to the world—a new idea, product description, passion, or program?
Presentation Dynamics will show you how using the principles and techniques identified by Bodhih can make you an Expert Presenter.
Want to get people on board to help you with your Calling—or do you want to make a splash at your company retreat?


The Presentation Dynamics Workshop is designed to systematically move the participants from the basics and essential skills and fundamentals of presentation skills to some of the more advanced presentation techniques. This is done over a two day period so that all participants are able to learn the new skills and are also able to practice those skills in the presence of the trainer. The inputs and feedback provided by the facilitator is highly valuable for developing the competency of the participant especially since the presentation challenges and areas of development are different for each individual.
All participants are observed through all their presentations during the program and the trainer gets participants to practice the right presentation behaviours to help them overcome their presentation flaws and to build on their strengths as presenters.


✓ Intense 2 days of classroom training
✓ Hard Copy of comprehensive course material
✓ Lift your Presentation abilities from the current level to a level several notches higher.
✓ Get unmatched Post-Program
✓ Get support via chat, phone and e-mail.
✓ Experience a workshop that has received a consistent feedback of 4+ out of 5




Yash HC Dagli

Founder at JUSTT YOU
You can't really express the energy there. All I can say is, if you want to learn from the top guns, Bodhih is your destination. Amazing experience, tons of activities and practicalities. I couldn't have asked for more!

Zahra Suhair

Works at Emirates
I am very happy and impressed with the training programme.The experience was awesome and the programme is of international standards.Having done the foundation course with Bhodhih ...I am confident of delivering my trainings at work in a much professional manner. Thank you Team Bodhih.

Sarita Dagha

Director at Pragati Toy Club
Experience of getting trained under Bodhih was just Marvellous, you can say one of the feather on my hat in the learning journey. Trainer Vinesh was great. Thank you so much for the lovely teachings.