The Train the Trainer Certification program is a signature program at Bodhih. This program is suitable for those who aim to improve their training capabilities and would like to participate in the program via remote access through our virtual classroom.
Individuals and professionals who sign up for this program online go through the same rigorous certification process as those who attend the classroom sessions
This training program is also conducted internally for our in-house pool of trainers spread across the country to ensure consistency in quality.

A few key competencies that this program will help develop include:
  • Training methodologies of the future
  • Senior management and C-level executive training
  • Research centric training

Time Management

Through this program we aim to help individuals and professionals alike, to learn how to better manage their time as they grow in their careers.
This program will give participants all the tools they need in order to become more efficient and effective with the management of their time, thereby becoming more productive.

Some of the competencies that participants will develop include:
  • Improved individual productivity
  • Timely individual and team project completion
  • Enhanced teamwork

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