Trainers Meetup

If you can’t achieve something in life that you want to achieve or if you are unable to get to where you want to, then it just means that there is something that you don’t know or there is something that you are unable to do well enough. That’s what we believe at Bodhih.This group is for those folks who want to ensure learning and development in others in fun, exciting, interesting and sometime shocking ways. This is a space for anyone who have a real interest in training, coaching, consulting, teaching and learning. Being at the cusp of the learning and organizational development wave, Bodhih is excited to meet and exchange ideas with some of the other fine minds in the industry.Learning how to learn, practicing development interventions, exploring alternative methods of ensuring learning, skill development, understanding competency enhancement, bringing about behavioural change, making and breaking habits, developing new abilities and ensuring engagement while making others learn are just a few of the themes that you can expect to be part of experience if you attend our meets.