Individual Workshop

Working in a fast-paced economy requires constant individual development. Our training modules within the individual training section are designed to help professionals improve productivity and grow their professional capabilities, allowing them to continually raise their personal productivity bar.

This section aims to help individuals become more efficient and effective in terms of time management, presentation skills and training capabilities.

First Time Managers Workshop

First time managers form the pipeline to future leaders. This two-day intensive program is ideal for first time managers as well as managers with some degree of experience.
Through the course of this program participants will be exposed to critical skills and techniques that will be the key to their success as future leaders within their professional environments.
The program focuses on enabling participants improve their areas of development through capitalising on their strengths.

A few key competencies that this program will help develop include:
  • Communication
  • Planning and Organising
  • People Management

Presentation Dynamics Workshop

A key factor in professional growth is the ability to create and present compelling presentations. This program addresses the need to understand and learn how to make presentations that are persuasive and captivating.
Recognised by organisations and individuals alike as one of our more impactful programs, it has helped professionals not only improve presentation skills but also communication effectiveness in varying situations.

A few key competencies that this program will help develop include:
  • Personal assessment of strengths and weaknesses as a presenter
  • Essentials of presentation development
  • Effectively delivering a presentation.


This two-day training program aims at introducing individuals to training modules that examine the fundamentals of competency development. This program is ideal for those with or without any prior training experience.
This foundation course explores all the essential facets of becoming a trainer and provides individuals with a good understanding of the field.

A few key competencies that this program will help develop include:
  • Basic training concepts
  • The fundamentals of learning
  • Hands on training experience


The Train the Trainer Certification program is a signature program at Bodhih. This program is suitable for those who aim to improve their training capabilities. Individuals and professionals who sign up for this program go through a rigorous certification process ensuring quality training experiences.
This training program is also conducted internally for our in-house pool of trainers spread across the country.

A few key competencies that this program will help develop include:
  • Training methodologies of the future
  • Senior management and C-level executive training
  • Research centric training


The objective of the master training certification is to develop skills and competencies of existing trainers, who have considerable experience in delivering workshops, developing content and creating modules, to enable them to take the next step in their career growth.
Through this program trainers will be instructed on how to train other trainers.

A few key competencies that this program will help develop include:
  • Staying abreast with new training techniques
  • Developing qualities of the world’s leading personal development icons
  • Providing solution based results

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