How to Handle Work Pressure

Being able to handle workplace pressure is a skill. Today, every individual is part of the pressure to improve skills, to increase productive or to add to the company’s profit. This indeed would continue because there are many companies who are constantly restructuring their processes. The uncertainty that it brings along leaves everyone feel overwhelmed and overly busy. However, the good news is that if pressure at work is a part of your life, then there are ways to effectively deal with it as well. Bodhih’s webinar on ‘How to Handle Work Pressure’ will equip you with tips and tricks to identify the pressure elements and deal with it effectively.
Date : 02nd November 2017
Time : 11.00AM to 12.00PM

Evolving Learning Differences Between The Millennials And The Experienced

The generation gap in the workplace has been evident and is growing rapidly. While a workforce that traverses various generations can give a beneficial blend of experience and new thoughts, overseeing representatives from 20-year-olds to seventy-somethings can be challenging. Millennials are used to being more vocal about their ideas and sharing it with the wider audience whereas the generation X focuses predominantly on the balancing act. Being able to identify the characteristics of the generations is a sure shot way of enhancing your people skills and ensuring your success in the work place.
Date : 02nd November 2017
Time : 03.00PM to 04.00PM