Mentoring For Training Success

There is real power in being able to enter and grow in a field where you have not just monetary success but can derive high levels of work and life satisfaction. Training and Development is a space where the world still has a long way to go and the competent trainers certainly can tap into opportunities, grow rapidly and produce results for organizations and individuals. The pace at which you are able to do this for yourself is catalysed by proper hand-holding and direction. And that is precisely what Bodhih’s Mentoring program is about. It is a way for aspiring and experienced trainers to be able to access the experience and guidance of an industry leader. The point is for you to receive a real-time exposure of what life as a successful trainer would look and feel like.
Date : 02nd March 2017
Time : 03.00 PM to 04.00 PM

Dealing With Difficult People

Almost everyone I know has a relationship problem of some sort. Sometimes it’s a husband or wife, a girlfriend or boyfriend, a boss, a subordinate, a neighbour, a competitor, a relative, a classmate or whoever. The point is that, what makes it a problem is the difficulty faced by one person in dealing with the other. The quality of your life is the quality of your relationships. If you can build strong relationships in and out of work, it’s not just going to ensure that you grow and succeed in that sphere but in many ways your work and personal life could complement each other in propelling you forward into a better life. Being able to identify difficult people and relationship situations is a sure shot way of enhancing your people skills and ensuring you succeed in all areas of your life.
Date and Time : To Be Announced