First Time Managers Workshop

Designed to support a crucial change in an individual’s professional career this two day program is hands on and is best suited for first time managers as well as those with some amount of managerial experience.
The program aims to bring about a mind-set change in associates, equipping them for the new, complex gamut of responsibilities in people management, communication, execution.
In addition, participants in the program learn how to conduct self-assessments in order to evaluate their capabilities as a leader while simultaneously facilitating the development of key skills required for someone in a leadership position.


Competency Development

A few key competencies that this program will help develop include:


Participants within this program are exposed to training modules that enable the development of their communication skills as managers, with a clear focus on communicating assertively while also building a sense of trust amongst peers and team members.

Planning and Organising

An efficient manager is a good manager. Participants learn how to plan and organise tasks through setting the right goals for team members. In addition, they are equipped with tools which facilitate improved time management, action planning, work delegation and meeting structures.

People Management

Combining proven leadership techniques with practical advice and individual insights, participants will learn how to manage the performance of others through result oriented mentoring. In addition, participants will expand their know-how in order to give better feedback and improve on their self-confidence and charisma; key skills that good leaders require.

What You Gain

At the end of this program you will gain an edge in your career growth through:

Self-Empowerment & Motivation

Effective Mentoring & Coaching Skills

Improved Productivity and Performance

Efficient Work Management

Giving You the Key to Becoming a Good Leader

Through this program first-time managers will be trained in the basics of key leadership requirements and will be given a firm foundation to help them at the start of their managerial careers.

Role Transition

Transitioning from a senior executive to a managerial position is a sizeable career jump. While excelling at key technical skills drive promotions a managerial position also requires certain added proficiencies. In this program, we guide participants through a seamless transition between their roles while also equipping them with skills that ensure their success as managers.

Developing Team Chemistry

Managing team dynamics is one of the key responsibilities for a manager. Through this program first time managers will be equipped with a set of skills that help them inculcate a sense of trust and working chemistry amongst their team members in order to ensure that the group works together efficiently and effectively.

Conducting Effective Meetings

As a manager, conducting meetings is one of the main responsibilities that comes with the role. Participants in this program are prepared with the right training in order to help them conduct meetings effectively and efficiently, learning how to manage time optimally and accomplish required objectives.

Effective People Management

The role of a manager involves the ability to train, motivate and inspire team members as well as hiring evaluating and terminating certain team members. With this program participants learn how to integrate these areas of responsibility effectively in order to improve their team’s productivity.

Coaching and Mentoring with Impact

A good manager is also a good mentor. For new managers, it is important to learn how to draw out the best from their team while also guiding them through the peaks and troughs of the workplace. Participants in this program will learn the skills required in order to help them mentor and coach their team members.

Self Confidence and Charisma Enhancement

A manager with charisma is more effective when compared to one who is uninspiring. Participants learn how to form characteristic traits that are appealing and can generate a substantially positive response from the team that they manage. The program also aims to help new manager build a sense of self confidence and retain the best talent in their teams while also building a good rapport with others through the entire corporate hierarchy.


Train The Trainer Certification
9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Train The Trainer Certification
9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Train The Trainer Certification
9:00 am - 6:00 pm
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