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Highly qualified and certified instructors with 15+ years of experience deliver classroom training.
You can enroll for this classroom training online. Payments can be made using any of the following options and receipt of the same will be issued to the candidate automatically via email.1. Visa debit/credit card 2. American express and Diners club card 3. Master Card, or 4. Through PayPal
Venue is finalized few weeks before the training and you will be informed via email. You can get in touch with our support team for more details. Email us at If you are looking for instant support, you can chat with us too.
Yes, we offer course completion certificate after you successfully complete the training program. Also you will get a Global Standard Certificate on below 7 Areas of Certification. 1- Effective presentation 2- Training need analysis 3- Training design 4- Development of training content 5- Training delivery and implementation 6- Evaluation of training effectiveness 7- Application of special techniques for effective training and development
Yes, we have group discount packages for classroom training programs. Contact to know more about the group discounts.

TTT Insights

Trainers fulfil an important role in upgrading the skills of the workforce to meet technological changes and challenges at the workplace. The Train The Trainer (TTT) Programme prepares trainers and consultants to effectively instruct, coach, assess, and develop curriculum and assessments for industry training.
The ADDIE model is an approach that deals with the entire cycle of training, from analysis of training requirements right through to evaluation of training effectiveness. This model also addresses areas that are central to training like design, development and training delivery or implementation.
There is no Specific eligibility criterion for attempting the TTT Workshop,
A. Freelance trainer or consultant B. Content developer C. L & D department of an organisation
Bodhih is constantly involved in research to ensure that the training content remains updated and relevant. The directors at Bodhih are members of IAF which gives the company and its trainers access to the latest happenings and techniques being used by trainers worldwide. Becoming a part of the certified trainers group also keeps you in constant touch with trainers from diverse backgrounds and is a great way to network and connect.

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