In this day of information overload, the telephone is a tool for connecting with prospective customers with a personal approach. If you’re not comfortable on the phone, sales probably isn’t the right career for you. The reality is that even in our internet-based world, few tools are more effective and necessary for generating sales and sales appointments than the good old telephone. Learning how to capture and keep someone's attention without physically being in their presence is a skill salespeople in every industry must develop and perfect.Telephone selling can dramatically increase anyone’s sales success. Many sales representatives utilize their telephone selling skills to strike a chord with their existing customers to generate more business. Telephone selling is a specialist activity whether you are selling the appointment or a product direct and is different to face to face encounters so it is vital that you learn the techniques and strategies that are best suited for lead generation and selling. Telephone selling is the need of the hour.

In the workplace, you use the telephone to communicate with customers, colleagues, superiors, suppliers, and others-in short, with everyone with whom you have a professional relationship. In some cases, such as when working with customers in other locations, the telephone is your primary channel for communication.

The impression a telephone caller forms when they first contact your Office can have a direct influence on your success.. The success of your business relationships therefore depends on your phone skills. The Telephone Skill level of everyone who interacts with clients can be just as important to their success as the quality of their Professional Services. Most appointments are set by telephone and there are certain steps to follow to do it well.

Bodhih’s workshop on Telephone Selling helps participants increase their success rate when selling on the phone and make a positive impression on the prospective client.

Key Learning Points:

Building a rapport with customer with active listening skills

Being assertive while interacting with the customer over the phone

Understanding how to present the benefits of the product

Developing different dimensions of voice in order to be more effective

Handling customer objections

Learning Areas from this Training Program

Active listening

Tone of voice

Overcoming objections

Questioning techniques


Ideal or Useful for:

Managers (All Levels)


Team Leaders

Ideal Group Size

12 to 15 Participants

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