Negotiation is a vital part of creating value for the organization. Your success relies upon your own abilities as a negotiator, whether you are looking for assets for your project or team, determining a new hire’s salary, or inking a high-stakes bargain for your organization. It is inevitable that, from time-to-time, conflict and disagreement will arise as the differing needs, wants, aims and beliefs of people are brought together. Without negotiation skills, such conflicts may lead to argument and resentment resulting in one or all of the parties feeling dissatisfied. The point of negotiation skills is to try to reach agreements without causing future barriers to communications. Negotiation skills workshop help you to resolve situations where what you want conflicts with what someone else wants. Negotiation skills aren’t innate though; it can be learned.

Negotiation is an essential part of business and personal development. Skilled negotiators in any negotiation interaction have clear thoughts on the interest, need and expectation of individual businesses. They build trusting relationship with clients, suppliers and internal customers. Through this course, you will learn the strategy, techniques and savvy negotiating tactics that will enable you to become an effective negotiator.

As most battle-weary sales professionals have found out, often, the most arduous part of a sales cycle is not necessarily cold calling, prospecting or "the pitch" but the final moments that lead up to the closing of a deal. Sales transactions that showed promise of great returns have been known to turn into liabilities and money losers when one party, intends on squeezing every penny out of a negotiation, acted in a dishonest manner to negotiate unfair terms. "Sales Battles" are won and lost during the negotiation stages of most sales cycles.

Bodhih’s Negotiation skills workshop will help you refine your personal skills and negotiating strategies, and learn to deal with difficult situations or people more effectively.

Key Learning Points:

Assess your negotiation style and build flexibility in using alternative negotiation styles

Practice the negotiation techniques and skills to reach "win win" negotiation agreements

Develop and exchange creative negotiation currencies other than price

Understand the fundamentals of negotiation, negotiation styles and characteristics of an effective negotiator

Understand the power of personality and communication during negotiation to build trust with clients, customers and suppliers

Improve negotiation skills and confidence to implement effective negotiation strategies for results

Practice appropriate tactics and correct the many flaws in negotiating styles that lead to unsuccessful negotiations

Learning Areas from this Training Program

Build your negotiation skills

Adopt flexible communication styles

Establish rapport and build chemistry

Minimize conflict and obstacles by utilizing principled negotiation strategies

Spurn dishonest tactics and focus on planning and strategy

Ideal or Useful for:

Sales people and others who negotiate with customers in a sales environment

Sales people who have to develop a negotiation skills base from scratch or wish to re-examine and refresh their existing techniques.

Ideal Group Size

15 Participants

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