Sales are won and lost based on the conversations your sellers have with buyers. Too often, sellers make mistakes—common mistakes that end up losing them the sale. In today's complex sales environment, contrivances and strategies are out of date: clients are just excessively tech savvy. Equipped with pricing and data from your site, reviews from the Internet, and suggestions from a multitude of associates and companions, they have finished 70% of the purchasing procedure without engaging with a salesman.

Customer sophistication, fierce competition, commoditization, price obsession, complex sales cycles, globalization, changes in buying behaviors; even in the face of these challenges, new sales opportunities are pursued and won. To capitalize on these possibilities, a salesperson must have the basic selling skills-skills that build customer trust and differentiate you from your competitors. A strong client relationship permits the sales organization to build trust, offer knowledge, and a help the client meet their business goals. Only through persevering and meaningful client connections, can sales experts learn which methodology will create the best opportunity for client achievement. The reality is that true connections foster dependability, which thus builds a sustainable pipeline, eventually making it possible to meet or surpass objectives.

There’s a lot that goes into sales success: Filling the pipeline, leading sales conversations,planning to win important opportunities, negotiating the best deals, growing existing accounts—and sellers need to learn them all. The basic selling skills workshop looks at equipping your sales teams with crucial selling skills like listening, buiding rapport with the customer and probing to be successful at sales. Bodhih’s workshop helps participants increase their success rate when selling on the phone and make a positive impression on the prospective client. Bodhih’s Basic Selling Skills trains sellers how to create conversations based on ideas, inspire with insights, and set themselves and your company apart from the pack.

Key Learning Points:

Learning the value of listening and active listening in sales

Practicing ways of building rapport with the customer

Becoming more persuasive while selling

Developing presentation skills

Handling customer objections

Learning Areas from this Training Program

Questioning effectively to discover customer needs

Active and empathic listening

Presenting product information in an impressive manner

Building rapport and connecting with the customer

Handling customer objections

Ideal or Useful for:

Managers (All Levels)


Team Leaders

Ideal Group Size

12 to 15 Participants

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