Learning to use data and numbers for sales is a rarely explored but useful skill set for sales professionals. Data without interpretation is mere numbers and cannot result in any conversions.

The Bodhih workshop will assist your sales team to use data analytics to make a better estimation of who potential clients are and how to sell to them.

Key Learning Points:

Learning about data analytics to get the complete benefit out of data

Learning to convert raw data into priceless sales information

Forming sales strategies based on numbers and facts

Using data to identify customer base and needs

Analysing trends and keeping up with the market

Learning Areas from this Training Program

Transforming data into action

Analysing latest trends in the market

Determining competitive position

Customer need identification

Handling client escalations

Ideal or Useful for:

Managers (All Levels)


Team Leaders

Ideal Group Size

12 to 15 Participants

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