It's becoming really difficult to get people to buy in the current economy. The trend is changing and people today have less money, less credit, and more general buying anxiety. NLP for Sales Effectiveness is perfect for those with some experience of selling and who want to take their aptitudes to a propelled level to achieve prominent progress with ease. NLP for Sales Effectiveness is focused on taking members' current sales abilities to the next level. Expanding on their experience as a sales individual and knowledge of the sales process and aptitudes, this workshop will help members comprehend the standards of NLP and how they improve the selling and purchasing experience. NLP for Sales Effectiveness training will help the agents to utilize tools, NLP sales techniques and models for developing enhanced rapport with buyers, truly understanding the client’s needs and making it easy to offer to them, whilst receiving the outlook and disposition of high performing sales individuals.
Recent studies indicate that failure in the business environment, at both a personal and organizational level, is principally associated with ineffective communication and interpersonal skills. In other words, the more effectively we can communicate with others, the more rewarding the experience.
Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) - defined as 'the study of excellence' - has long been recognized as providing a range of powerful strategies and techniques to radically improve sales performance. Having the NLP tools of precise communication excellence can transform daily work experience from mediocrity to extraordinary results.
It's a great opportunity to move from the old, drained, basic sales trainings and let an expert of sales, NLP, influence and show you the real hopes of subconscious impact to make you a sales hero! Bodhih’s workshop on NLP for Sales Effectiveness provides a versatile approach on the NLP methodologies to equip you with the required tools to enhance your selling skills.

Key Learning Points:

Create a positive influence on others while supporting their ability to experience more choices

Understand and communicate compellingly to people with different thinking styles

Enrich your understanding & perspective of a situation by experiencing it from multiple points of view

Get past vague answers and gather high quality information quickly and comfortably

Reframe and reorganize perceptions to direct attention to enhance productivity

Set achievable and value driven personal and professional goals

Constructively explore the challenges and difficulties within a goal and form an achievable outcome

Learning Areas from this Training Program

Creating rapport with your customers by matching subtle details of their body language and talking back to them in the language style that best reflects or paces what they use.

Using sophisticated language patterns within the context of confident state and of rapport.

Use language consciously to enable both your customers and you to meet desirable outcomes.

Getting yourself into a confident and inspired state of mind

Use language consciously to enable both your customers and you to meet desirable outcomes

Ideal or Useful for:

Sales Executives

Sales Managers

Key Account Managers

Product Managers

All levels of sales professionals

Ideal Group Size

15 Participants

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