Key account management helps companies gain the status of strategic rather than commodity supplier to their major customers, guarding margins and improving security of retention. Retaining 5% more customers boosts profits between 25% and 85%. The fact is that 20% of customers generally produce 80% of revenues, so losing such key accounts is expensive and damaging to the bottom line. Proper key account management maximizes the chance of keeping these key accounts.

Account Management is the process of maximizing the return on your investment on a customer by defining and taking appropriate action plans that will enable you to build on the present, to manage the future. It is a strategic planning approach that goes beyond traditional selling, to tackle today's customer issues. It reaches both seller and buyer organizations, so it's undoubtedly more complex and more difficult than simple sales activity.

Key Learning Points:

Relationship Management

Manage the key account Sales Process

Proposals and Discussion Documents

Key Account Planning

Understand the Marketing Process

Consultative Selling in Key Account Management

Plan and implement retention strategies

Learning Areas from this Training Program

Enhance the ability to influence, persuade and negotiate with key decision makers

Build stronger value-added customer relationships leading to increased revenues

Gain a better understanding of your customers' needs and expectations

Plan and implement growth strategies

Develop a strategic approach to account management and customer relationships

Ideal or Useful for:

Key account executives

Key account managers

Senior Sales Employees

Employees who are progressing into a key account management role for the first time

Employees who have limited experience in managing accounts

Sales Managers

Ideal Group Size

15 Participants

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