As we move further into the 21st century, the traditional sales approaches are beginning to have lesser and lesser value. Selling organizations needing to recognize customers (or clients) have more pressure on their time and more choice about their suppliers. To move towards this, many organizations are now striving to position themselves as selling "solutions" and acknowledge that their sales approach needs to be different.

Consultative Selling can change the type of relationship you have with your customers or clients. It can help to differentiate your sellers from many of the competitors who may not be adopting this approach!

Key Learning Points:

Identify the appropriate sales process for a Consultative Selling approach

Ensure product and market knowledge is developed constantly

Develop better commercial awareness

Work on sales related communication skills and refine them, especially listening and questioning

Make sure the fundamental selling skills are embedded

Remember that what needs to be offered is a solution to the client/customer

Ensure Internal functions and support are aligned with the approach

Learning Areas from this Training Program

Enhanced skills for consulting - questioning, listening, etc.

Powerful relationship building skills and tools

More Effective client management

Greater ability to provide useful sales advice

Proper use of some marketing principles about segmentation and positioning - and their application to your selling

Ideal or Useful for:

Sales Executives

Sales Managers

Everyone who needs to build their consultative selling skills

Ideal Group Size

12 to 15 Participants

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