Many salespeople are so busy trying to 'sell' their products and services that they entirely miss what the buyers really need to improve their businesses. Most B2B sales are based on old paradigms that simply don't exist in today's buyer-savvy world. Our "Advanced Selling Skills" workshop re-addresses those old mind-sets and introduces the salesperson to the 'solution-based' processes of the new millennium.
This training program is created for people who want to excel in their sales career. It will sharpen the skills of salespeople and will enable them to grow and achieve exceptional results in sales. It will cover the buying and the selling cycle in detail. It will also cover several aspects of prospecting, establishing rapport, proposing solutions, handling objections and closing the sale.
The "Advanced Selling Skills" Training Program can be offered to Corporate Clients, SMEs, Colleges, Private and Public establishments across India. All our programs are customized to suit the participants' training needs. A detailed Training Design Document will be sent before the implementation of this training program.