The focus of every good workplace leader is keeping employees motivated and productive. Engaged employees are much happier, but are also critical to the long-term success of every organization. The roles of managers and HR advocates, however, can grow to be quite complex.

Instead of being an old-school manager, you need to take on the fresh role of a lasting mentor. New age managers can spot potential in their employees, and they nurture it. They know the difference between employees who simply accept the status quo, and those who challenge it.

The Bodhih ‘Leading to lead’ workshop helps leaders and managers alike to develop crucial leadership skills like effective delegation, conflict management, influencing and persuasion techniques, giving and receiving feedback and handling crucial conversations.

Key Learning Points:

Leading effectively to increase productivity

Using leadership as a tool for conflict management

Using leadership skills to build strong teams

Delegating work effectively and better people management

Crucial aspects of leadership like assertiveness and feedback

Learning Areas from this Training Program

Importance and elements of feedback

Disagreeing assertively and saying ‘No’

Delegating work effectively using the task delegation worksheet

Working towards a collaborative style in conflict management

Developing high performance teams

Ideal or Useful for:

Managers (All Levels)


Team Leaders

Ideal Group Size

12 to 15 Participants

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