In the face of rapidly changing structures in higher education, corporations, agencies, and other professional organizations, employers are actively seeking advanced degree holders with strong, demonstrable leadership skills.

This workshop will expose employees to a variety of leadership models and present to attendees practical applications of leadership. Participants will discover how they can act as leaders in all areas of their lives (their departments, at work, in their communities and in the world) without necessarily being in traditional leadership positions of power and authority.

Key Learning Points:

What leadership is, and what leadership is not.

Why leadership skills are more important than having authority.

Self-analysis of key leadership and management skill, including areas to improve.

Building rapport with business associates.

Helping others to see your point of view.


Learning Areas from this Training Program

Become more influential

Identify leadership development goals specific to individual needs

Get more support for ideas that will benefit your company

Build rapport with employees, managers and peers

Resolve common day-to-day employee issues

Ideal or Useful for:

Team Leads

Prospective Managers and Supervisors

Project Managers

Anyone who could benefit from being more influential

Ideal Group Size

15 Participants

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