Research indicates that training employees can increase the productivity and efficiency many times over. People require to be trained before they are moved into a leadership position. Some of the most successful leaders possess competencies like communication, planning and organising and people management skills.

At Bodhih, we help people make a seamless transition from an individual contributor role to that of a team leader.

Key Learning Points:

Deduce change and impact of change. Explain steps involved to shift paradigms; Self Transition Smoothly to Change - Changing the Mindset - Becoming Analytical rather than Perceptual.

This leadership training program would create a greater perspective of Team and People Management; This would further give space to analyze different situations where the leadership is challenged, like - handling conflict, motivating to complete tasks, building trust, relationship, etc.

Impart skill on Prioritization and scheduling their task. Explain the role of task prioritization and effective scheduling in order to complete the task within deadlines. Prepare tasks with respect to their Daily activities and classify them based on Critical/ Important-Urgent/ Urgent-Not Important/ Important -Not Urgent/ Time wasters; Planning for critical situations and emergencies to get better control over oneself and the team.

To bring out the untapped potentials of the People by on the Job Training and handholding for better results. Coaching is a continuous process of enhancing the skill of people to bring the best of capabilities for better performance of individuals.

Demonstrate that leaders are not born but are made through learning and grooming. Apply and put to practice situational Leadership to lead teams; Analyze Task - Behaviour Relationship before delegating tasks; Demonstrate leadership through effective communication styles.

Learning Areas from this Training Program

A better perspective of people and team management.

Prioritising and time scheduling

Tapping the untapped potential of employees

Enhancing work productivity

Planning and Organising

Ideal or Useful for:

Managers (Junior Level)


Team Leaders

Newly promoted/inducted managers

Future Managers

Ideal Group Size

12 to 15 Participants

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