Delegation is the ability to effectively assign tasks, responsibility and authority to others. It's how we grow in the job. Delegation enables us to gain experience to take on higher responsibilities.

Effective delegation is a critical survival skill for managers and supervisors, and this is what many delegation training resources are about. Yet, what is less often emphasized is that understanding the delegation skill and knowing how to use it right is an important personal time management skill. Irrespective of whether you have subordinates or bosses and regardless of whether it is at work or at home.

This includes following a structured process to delegating tasks and recognising the common pitfalls in the delegation process. Bodhih’s workshop is designed to make managers and leaders better equipped when it comes to delegation of tasks and responsibilities.

Key Learning Points:

Clearly identify how delegation fits their job and how it can make managers more successful.

Identify different ways of delegating tasks.

Use an eight-step process for effective delegation.

Give better instructions for better delegation results.

Ask better questions and listen more effectively.

Recognize common delegation pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Test their delegation skills.

Learning Areas from this Training Program

How, what and why of delegation

Using communication skills to delegate tasks

Identifying the right person for the job

A model for effective delegation

Overcome barriers to delegation

Ideal or Useful for:

Managers (all level and functions)

Ideal Group Size

15 Participants

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