Disagreements are a common occurrence in both personal and work lives and dealing with these effectively is crucial to success at work.

Everyone encounters different kinds of conflict in their work life and have a preferred conflict management style. Effective conflict management requires flexibility of approach and a ‘one size fits all’ style needs to be abandoned. This needs a clear understanding of what constitutes a conflict and recognising one in the nascent stage. It also calls on using multiple approaches to deal with a conflict situation. The Bodhih's Conflict management workshop is designed to help participants develop a structured and flexible approach to resolving conflicts.

Key Learning Points:

Understand the dynamics of conflict, and thereby, deal with conflict effectively.

Assess one's natural and dominant style of handling conflict.

Understand the process of handling conflict and apply the same to handle conflict effectively.

Developing flexibility to use appropriate conflict resolution techniques depending on the situation.

The program will be interactive, based on blended pedagogy, which includes role plays, group tasks, case studies and self-assessment tools.

Learning Areas from this Training Program

Assessing one’s natural and dominant style of conflict management.

Understanding the process of conflict management and applying it to resolve conflicts.

Developing a flexible approach to conflict management.

Assertiveness during conflict

Utilize a variety of methods for managing conflict successfully.

Ideal or Useful for:

Managers (all levels and functions)

Ideal Group Size

15 Participants

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