A huge part of being an effective People Manager is leveraging your experience and technical skills to get the job done. However, these two factors are just half of your story. Your success as a Manager will primarily depend on not just your experience and technical skills but a great deal on your “People Management skills.

Organizations use a hierarchical structure that requires People Manager’s to supervise the work of others. Hence, People Managers must oversee and organize the work of others to complete various projects, works towards facilitating and enhancing the performance of the employees by building a conducive workplace and giving maximum opportunities to employees for taking an interest in organizational planning and decision-making process. People management skills include communication, leadership, delegation, motivation, training and even performance feedback.

An insight into effective People management and a look at types of People management techniques that enhance productivity.

Performance is a unceasing activity. It’s every day, after any customer interaction or commercial interaction or business interaction. People almost instantaneously want to know, on a regular basis, if they are doing right, if they are moving in the right direction and if they are progressing. People do not want to wait for an annual cycle to get that feedback. Now it’s all about instant performance and People Management.

Bodhih’s workshop on People Management skills provide participants with the complete guide to People management. A hands-on guide to managing people at workplace and provides a compelling and more comprehensive experience, producing a greater return-on-investment.

The Fundamentals of EI in The Workplace

Achieving Goals Through Better Coordination

Conflict Management Styles

Monitoring Performance

Managing Egos

The Secrets 0f Accommodation and Collaboration

Assessing Self-Style of Managing Conflicts

Negotiating While Encouraging Teamwork

Managers (All Levels)


Team Leaders

12-15 Participants