Performance cultures develop from an organization's people approaching their work in a purposeful and results-oriented manner. Those responsible for ensuring that the organization is effectively designed will make sure that the business goals and performance measures are reflected in accountabilities at executive and managerial levels

The values and core behaviors that fashion how people will approach their work and apply their knowledge, skills and behaviors will be part of the overall management process and underpin people development.

In this training program we would focus on training areas like the factors leading to high performance team culture, impact of leadership on High Performance Teams, Becoming a transformation leader to transform vision into action, etc.

Key Learning Points:

Establish the factors leading to High Performance Culture

Understand the impact of leadership on High Performance Culture

Appreciate what it takes to keep employees engaged and to retain them

To establish a clear vision of what you are trying to achieve

To communicate and promote this vision

Identify key takeaways for implementation

Learning Areas from this Training Program

Making change happen and managing that change

Creating a highly engaged workforce

How to establish a performance culture which delivers continuous improvement

How to change your existing work systems in a manner that leads to profound workplace culture change

Planning and execution to accelerate workplace culture change efforts

Ideal or Useful for:

Leadership Team

Ideal Group Size

10 to 12 Participants

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