You have the formal education, the experience and maybe even the title. Yet, you crave additional development of your leadership skills not just another business book or workshop, but something practical, actionable and real-world.

If your leaders and managers feel the same way then this is the workshop for you. The workshop is aimed at scaling up and building important leadership skills.

Key Learning Points:

Build trust and influence others.

Define the team's purpose and their job to be done.

Create a strategic link between the work of the team and the goals of the organization.

Connect the work of the team to the organization's economic model.

Align the four essential systems of execution, talent, core work processes, and Customer feedback.

Learning Areas from this Training Program

Clear thinking

Self- management and personal accountability

Creative thinking

Empathy and understanding others

Conflict management

Ideal or Useful for:

It is designed for managers and team leaders who want to be more dynamic in their approach to building and leading their team.

Ideal Group Size

15 Participants

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