Creative problem solving is the mental process of creating a solution to a problem. It is a special form of problem solving in which the solution is independently created rather than learned with assistance.

Training in the creative-problem solving ("CPS") method and facilitation process can help leaders improve their leadership and creative thinking skills, but also gives leaders specific tools to help them make better decisions and get better outcomes. In addition, creativity training programs help leaders develop a leadership style that supports creativity and the accomplishment of organizational goals. Bodhih’s workshop involves the use of creative and analytical thinking tools to solve different problems in the organisation.

Key Learning Points:

Using creative thinking as a tool for decision making

Thinking creatively to help analytical thinking

Approaching problems at work with creative thinking

Using a structured approach to deal with work issues

Thinking creatively and in a linear fashion

Learning Areas from this Training Program

Understand what a problem is

Different approaches to problem solving

Understanding problem solving techniques and how to use them

Common pitfalls during creative thinking

Benchmarking and PDSA

Ideal or Useful for:

Managers (All Levels)


Team Leaders

Ideal Group Size

12 to 15 Participants

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