Coaching has become a vital component of management and research supports its exceptional efficacy. One of the key qualities of highly successful leaders is their ability to coach effectively. In this session, leaders learn how to successfully coach using various tools and techniques. Coaching skills training has become a vital tool for anyone who wants to get the best out of their team.

This two-day training workshop benefits those responsible for leading teams or divisions to achieve business results. Learn the requirements of good coaching and how to identify coaching opportunities on a daily basis. Experiment with new skills and assumptions and study the challenges to becoming an effective coach-manager. Discover how to use coaching to leverage employee productivity and enhance teamwork.

This is where the Advanced Leadership workshop plays a vital role. It develops those leadership and coaching skills that helps leaders differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack.

Key Learning Points:

Participants will go away with a thorough understanding of the principles of coaching and management styles.

Learn the coaching models that they can use back in the workplace.

Participants will learn the importance of non-verbal communication while coaching.

Be able to prepare, deliver and review coaching sessions so that they continually improve.

Will understand the importance of ownership and how to take ownership of staff development and continuous improvement.

Learn "What to say" and "How to say it" when providing feedback to staff.

Learning Areas from this Training Program


Setting objectives and targets

Qualities of the effective coach

Identifying learning needs

Identifying barriers to learning

Ideal or Useful for:

Managers - (All Levels)

Team leaders



Coach and junior level staff who are involved in peer coaching

Ideal Group Size

12 Participants

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