In today's world, it is essential to have certain key communication skills in the workplace. There are a vast number of professionals in the country today who are second language speakers of English, but are expected to perform & deliver in a corporate environment dominated by English.

Unfortunately, perceptions are important, and incorrect grammar and lack of confidence are sometimes seen as an indication of low intelligence.

This workshop is an effort to bridge the skill gaps in effective English language skills required at the workplace. Designed especially to meet the needs of working professionals, it delivers essential learning in English language & its usage to improve upon spoken & written communication.

Key Learning Points:

Develop writing skills that can be applied to any type of business writing

Present Thoughts, Feelings and Ideas; clearly and effectively

Think before you begin

Understand some basic rules

Use Words to express / impress

Master grammar and punctuation

Learning Areas from this Training Program

Understand and improve your writing skills

Improve Listening & Reading Comprehension

Ensure correct Business Expression

Ascertain proper emails & related etiquettes

Incorporate the right Business idioms , vocabulary & punctuation

Ideal or Useful for:



Team Leaders

Administrators and Support staff

Ideal Group Size

12 to 15 Participants

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