Most of us would like to present with greater impact and confidence by emulating the techniques of top presenters.

Advanced Presentation Skills are important in business today and our thought provoking training will help you to master this key skill. This two day intense workshop is perfect for those wishing to take their skills up a notch. It covers crucial areas of presentation such as building rapport, handling questions and tailoring presentation to name a few.

Our advanced workshops are the ideal environment to master advanced presentation skills. You'll learn and understand just how easy presenting is.

Key Learning Points:

What makes an Effective Business Presentation

Strengths and weaknesses of your presentation style

Clarify the purpose and objective of your presentation

Ensure your presentation will meet the business need

How to structure your presentation for maximum effect

Identify and start to cure any bad habits which have crept into your style

Ensure your presentation is memorable for all the right reasons

Learning Areas from this Training Program

Develop a more persuasive and impressive speaking style

Control your space and presence to build rapport and influence your audience

Use pace and structure more powerfully

Fine tune delivery to create maximum impact

Use language more creatively

Ideal or Useful for:



Project Managers

Ideal Group Size

15 Participants

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