World-Class Customer Service is the process of consistently communicating to every customer - whether it is an internal customer or an external customer - that they are valued and that their satisfaction is paramount to your organization.There are two major reasons to deliver good customer service: repeat business and happiness. Sales turns prospects into new customers. Service turns new customers into repeat customers. Service also makes customers happy! Happy customers are far easier to deal with than irate customers.Achieving World-Class Customer Service requires strong service leadership, skilled management, effective teamwork, and skilled, caring and motivated people in the front line.The workshop ensures that employees have the proper mindset, culture and a can-do-attitude a proper training program is imperative. It will also provide staff with the fundamental customer service skills to undertake core business practices in the workplace.

Key Learning Points:

Develop a clear understanding of customer's needs and goals

Maintain clear communication with customers regarding expectations and time frames

Follow through and responds to customers' requests, questions and complaints in a timely manner

Follow up with customers after a problem has been resolved to inform them of any action taken

Take personal responsibility for meeting commitments and correcting problems

Learning Areas from this Training Program

Understand your own communication style

Use more positive language even in difficult situations

Deliver great customer service skills that will add value to the company and the customer

Adapt to your customers' communication styles

Use Product Knowledge wisely

Ideal or Useful for:

Support Staff


Marketing Team

Ideal Group Size

15 Participants

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