Making a transition from campus to corporate life proves to be a major stumbling block for many new hires. There are unspoken nuances and social norms that many graduates are completely unaware of and adjusting to a professional environment can be extremely challenging as also traumatic to a few. It has been observed that people who are equipped with the basic knowledge of the survival skills needed in a working setup tend to do much better. Employability requires three key ingredients of competency - knowledge, skills and attitude – knowledge, as you notice is just one component.  While academia has been doing a fairly good job on the knowledge front, but the gap is mostly observed in areas of technical skills development including enhancing soft skills abilities of the students. In a workplace, efficiency has to be transformed to effectivity. The need for a campus to corporate originates from the dynamic environment that we operate in, though our education system prepares us thoroughly & intellectually, the work challenges require various business skills that are not part of the curriculum in many institutions today. In these scenarios, campus to corporate training programs in India tends to be a boon to these graduates. Campus to Corporate training program boosts the confidence of the freshers and provides them tools like goal setting, team work and stress management.

Mere gaining of an academic degree does not guarantee an individual being employable. If that were to be so, all graduates would have had a decent shot at jobs across India, whereas the facts are otherwise. Various reports indicate that employability ratios have been at just 25% of the total employable population in India. While Knowledge and Skills will help students to become employable but without an enabling attitude, the employability would be a short lived experience and hence a lot of focus on “Creating Enabling Attitude” must be given.  It is the ‘Attitude’ which drives ‘Knowledge’ and ‘Skills’ for each individual.

Bodhih's campus to corporate training program has been created with an objective of empowering students of colleges with tools for improving their personal and professional excellence, leading to improved employability and professional effectiveness.

Key Learning Points:

Helping new recruits get a better understanding of corporate life

Getting a good perspective of self through a SWOT analysis

Practicing critical skills like time management

Helping participants to develop team work

Understanding how to set goals and manage stress

Learning Areas from this Training Program

Goal setting and career planning

SWOT Analysis

Working in Teams

Basics of Corporate Communication

Managing time and stress

Ideal or Useful for:

Managers (All Levels)


Team Leaders

Ideal Group Size

12 to 15 Participants

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