Emotional intelligence refers to the ability to perceive, control, evaluate and release emotions. Some researchers suggest that Emotional intelligence can be learned and strengthened, while others claim that it is an inborn characteristic.

The flagship ‘Emotional intelligence training' offered by Bodhih deals with all dimensions of Emotional intelligence like perceiving emotions, reasoning with emotions, understanding and managing emotions.

Key Learning Points:

Learning to work with aspects of emotional intelligence in the emotional intelligence workshop

Interacting with the whole person

Handing emotional situations at work

Diffusing potential conflict situations

Developing the various dimensions of one’s own personality

Learning Areas from this Training Program

The whole person concept

Emotional probes

Working with EI

Games people play

Developing your identity

Ideal or Useful for:

Managers (All Levels)


Team Leaders

Ideal Group Size

12 to 15 Participants

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