Corporate Training

To address the challenges of the developing economy, global and domestic organizations alike, need to connect the competency gap.
With an uncommon spotlight on profitability and correspondence upgrade, Bodhih provides Corporate Training solution which gives turn-key arrangements empowering professional skill development and communication efficiency within the working environment.
Our training modules inside the Corporate Training division are perfect for all experts, from administrators to group pioneers and those in administrative positions.
The courses themselves encourage better communication, leadership, positive behavioural change and sales.

Communication Training

Communication forms the very core of successful professional growth. Our approach to this program incorporates workshops that facilitate the development of a range of communication skills. Starting out with the basics of public speaking and conversational skills to advanced techniques of communication like neuro linguistic programming and transactional analysis.
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Leadership Training

Ideal for those in leadership roles this program looks at developing leadership competencies through workshops that range from management training for first time managers to strategic leadership for senior executives.
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Behavioral Skills

This program addresses the development of process oriented skills beyond the technical requirements for professional success. The workshops within this program cover key areas that include business etiquette, grooming and work life balance. This program is ideal for professionals who have just entered the workforce.
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Sales Training

Growing any business relies largely on the support of the salesforce, this suite of sales training workshops focuses on a range of key skills that will effectively build a successful sales team. In this program, the key focus areas range from the fundamentals of cold calling and objection handling to key account management and consultative selling.
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HR Training

With the number of human resource specialists in the field growing, to stay on top it’s important to understand the nuances of competency mapping and behavioural interviewing. This program focuses on these key areas with added focus on strategic human resource management.
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