Professional Telephone Skills

In the workplace, you use the telephone to communicate with customers, colleagues, superiors, suppliers, and others-in short, with everyone with whom you have a professional relationship. In some cases, such as when working with customers in other locations, the telephone is your primary channel for communication.

The impression a telephone caller forms when they first contact your Office can have a direct influence on your success. The busy secretary or receptionist can quickly adopt attitudes and habits on the telephone that are, to say the least, discouraging to your Clients. The success of your business relationships therefore depends on your phone skills. The Telephone Skill level of everyone who interacts with clients can be just as important to their success as the quality of their Professional Services.

The "Professional Telephone Skills" Training Program can be offered to Corporate Clients, SMEs, Colleges, Private and Public establishments across India. All our programs are customized to suit the participants' training needs. A detailed Training Design Document will be sent before the implementation of this training program

Ideal Duration

1-2 days

Key Learning Points:

Emotional trigger words to avoid

Steps to disarm angry callers and reach a positive solution

Subtle ways to find out what a stumbling or indecisive caller really wants

Questioning techniques and forbidden phrases

Techniques to Identify, understand and satisfy customers' needs

Assertive, passive and aggressive behaviours

Positive Language

Solutions vs. Problem Orientation

Learning Areas from this Training Program

Active Listening

Telephone etiquette and tone of voice

Communication barriers and communication models

Constructive language

Critical points to ensuring a positive manner

Overcoming objections

Practical steps from start to finish

Ideal or Useful for:

Customer service staff


Administration staff

Sales staff at all Levels

Ideal Group Size

15 Participants

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