Leadership Training - Middle Level
(For Experienced Managers and Grooming Tomorrow's Leaders)

In just about everything - life, work, and politics, the middle makes it happen. Yet, most of us focus our attention on development of senior leadership and/or new supervisors, with the middle layer getting not much more than ignored. If we expect our organizations to compete, much less thrive, we'd best figure out how to devote some development attention to the middle.

Middle managers are the players responsible for delivering organizational results. They hold the title of manager, director or even vice president. They manage people, budgets, operational processes and support senior management's strategic initiatives.

Today, high-impact organizations are recognizing the invaluable contributions of the middle layer and the risk they face in a shallow pool of ill-prepared middle managers and are committing to their development. Similarly, mid-level leaders themselves are taking matters into their own hands and charting their own course for leadership development.

The "Leadership Training - Middle Level" program can be offered to Corporate Clients, SMEs, Private and Public establishments across India. All our programs are customized to suit the participants' training needs. A detailed Training Design Document will be sent before the implementation of this training program.

Ideal Duration

2 days

Key Learning Points:

The role of the middle managers

Linking Strategy to action

Making tough decisions

Expanding your influence across the organization

Fostering change for the middle

Coaching employees for performance and improvement

Building rapport with employees, managers, and peers

Learning Areas from this Training Program

Through case-study scenarios and real-life examples brought by course attendees, you gain useful insights into aligning people's talents and skills with organizational goals.

You learn practical ways to reduce performance barriers and encourage accountability in your team.

Ideal or Useful for:

Mid-Level Managers

Anyone in the Middle Management role

Experienced Managers

Ideal Group Size

12 to15 Participants

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