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Welcome to Bodhih's World of Organizational Development Solutions through
Impactful Training Interventions


What We Do

Communication Training


An idea develops power only when effectively communicated. These programs ensure clarity of expression and result driven communication at all levels in an organization.

Soft Skills Training


The non technical and behavioural dimensions of performance are the ones that eventually make a difference. These programs build the right supporting competencies in people.

Leadership Training


One thing that greatly enhances achievement among individuals, teams and organizations is direction. These programs ensure clarity in direction through effective leadership.

HR Training


The power of any organization is the power of its people. These programs enable employees to attract, retain and grow the right kind of people for their teams and organizations.


Sales Training


Products and Services are bought when the right ideas are sold to the right brains. These programs bring astute salesmanship into employees across the hierarchy.

Public Events


A great deal of learning happens through the exchange of ideas and rubbing of shoulders among people across organizations. These workshops are an opportunity to do that and get certified while you learn.

Why Choose Bodhih

Bodhih is a leading corporate training company in India committed to growth coupled with continuous research and development in the learning, consulting and training domains.

1Cutting Edge Experience
Worked with over 250 clients & have consulted over 600 clients.

2Helped Organizations Train
Built Internal Training Competence.

3Practical and Applicable
Hands On approaches to train

4Tried and Tested
Uses Structured, Framework Based Approaches.

5Hand holding and Support
Focussed groups through individualised attention

6Customised Programs
Over 250 well researched programs


Key Clients


Disclaimer: Bodhih Training Solutions Pvt. Ltd. does not necessarily hold the copyright or patent for various concepts included in its training programs. Information presented in this website is a compilation from multiple sources, organizations and their websites who we attribute credit to.